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Biorisk Manager

Biological risks and their prevention and management affect many different areas of the healthcare system. In order to be as well prepared as possible for an event and to make the best use of available resources, the app provides support. The app summarizes the participating organizations and institutions, collects the available knowledge and makes it available to all interested parties.  If you have any questions or a specific case, you can quickly obtain the necessary information from a single source.

Biorisk Manager


If you need or want to send a sample, this guide will help you find the correct category and pack the sample according to the regulations. You will also get information where the sample can be sent to for analysis and who can ship it.

Biorisk Manager


In the field of biological hazards, there are many different institutions, laws and regulations that play a role. Here you will find important addresses, tasks and contacts that can help you in a case of biological suspicion, or you can find information about responsibilities and regulations.

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Here you will find laboratories that have the knowledge and infrastructure to carry out diagnostics in case of suspicion of a highly contagious disease, be it a human, animal or zoonotic pathogen. Always contact the respective laboratory by phone before sending the sample, in order to being prepared for this high-risk sample.

Biorisk Manager


Here you will find a glossary in order to avoid misunderstandings as far as possible.

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In this section, you will find the hospitals that are equipped to treat patients with more severe and highly contagious infections. These are the tertiary hospitals in Switzerland. These hospitals have the infrastructure, knowledge and experience to take care of such patients.


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Cantonal authorities

If a highly contagious disease is suspected, the cantonal authorities must be informed and involved at an early stage. You will find contact details for the cantonal health authorities, veterinary services and cantonal pharmacies, as well as information on their professional associations.

Biorisk Manager

Emergency Organizations

If you have an emergency, call 144 to contact the nearest rescue organization.

The contact details given here do not replace the call!



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